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EDIT 13 March 2013: The Guild Wars Account Restoration Tool is currently unavailable. It has, in fact, been non-operational since Summer of 2012. With regret, we will not be able to restore Guild Wars accounts for the foreseeable future. If the tool becomes available again, I will update this thread and re-stick it to the top of the Account Support Forum.

We are pleased to announce that in the process of developing tools for Guild Wars 2, our programming team has created a tool that will provide limited restoration options for existing Guild Wars accounts. In the past, account restorations or roll-backs were not technologically possible. With the development of the new tool, our Support Team is ready to move forward with account restorations on a case-by-case basis.

For a Guild Wars game account hacked after October 1, 2011, the Support Team’s new tools will provide the team with the ability to restore many hacked accounts to their pre-hack status. Restorations will be accomplished through the use of a periodic, archived “snapshot” process that will record and store full account details for each Guild Wars account. This means that while the account may not be restored to its status at the exact hour preceding the hack, it can be restored to within a few hours or days of such an event.

Please note that restoration service is possible only for accounts that were compromised after October 1, 2011 and under limited conditions, as outlined below.

Any restoration process must be handled with great care. To protect the integrity of the game and its economy, Support will first need to carefully research the hacking incident and perform the following steps:

  • Verify that the person requesting the restoration is the original owner of the account.
  • Confirm that the request is for a hacking incident that took place after October 1, 2011.
  • Review account history preceding and during the hacking incident to establish with certainty that the account was hacked by a third party.
  • Take action on the account of the hacker and others who may have been involved in the incident. Terminating all such accounts will remove the hackers from our game community and will also remove all stolen items from the game economy.
  • Restore the account, when appropriate.

Each of these steps is important and combined they will require time. We must take reasonable measures to protect against bogus restoration requests, we must restore only for the original account owner (in accordance with the Guild Wars User Agreement), and we must also take care to restore an account only when we have taken action on those involved in the hacking incident, thus removing the stolen items and preventing the creation of a duplicate set.

In the event your Guild Wars account is hacked, our Support Team will review the details to see if they can use the new Account Restoration Tool to help address the situation.

Account Restoration Tool facts:

  • Individual characters cannot be restored; the tools operate on the account as a whole.
  • The tool restores any account any name changes or similar credit-based purchases that may have been affected by the hacking incident. For instance, if the hacker used a rename credit, the character rename will be reversed and the credit will be replaced.
  • Account restoration does not affect any CD keys that were applied to an account.
  • Account restoration is only for account that were compromised by a third party, nor for scamming, accidental deletions, etc.

We are really pleased to have this new capability and look forward to helping qualified Guild Wars players if they have the need for an account restoration. If you have any questions about the Guild Wars Account Restoration Tool or the processes involved in its use please feel free to post here in the Guild Wars Support forums.

If you wish to request account restoration of a compromised account, please update your existing Support Ticket, or contact Support.

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If you have questions about the account restoration process, please feel free to post in the Account Restoration Questions thread, and we’ll do our best to get you answers.

(I’m going to lock this thread so that the announcement stands and questions are asked and answered in a separate thread.)

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Update: The Guild Wars Support Team has reported that a few of the players who have applied for an account restoration are, in fact, ineligible for the service. If you download a third-party program and find your account was compromised — through a keylogger, through a hack, through a Trojan — you will most likely be ineligible for our Account Restoration Service.

Please: Think twice — think a dozen times — before you click the button to get that alleged “cheat,” “hack,” “gold spawner,” “free ecto hack,” or (for goodness sake!), “Beta Key” or “key generator.”

We want to help innocent victims in every way we possibly can. We do not intend to spend time on accounts that are knowingly put in harm’s way. I’m sure that the vast majority of our players will agree with this position: helping our legitimate community members should always be our top priority.

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As appended to the original post:

Due to technical reasons, we no longer are able to offer restorations for Guild Wars accounts. We regret the loss of this tool, but do not anticipate that it will be possible for us to restore accounts in the future.

This does not apply to Guild Wars 2, but only to Guild Wars. We apologize for the inconvenience.